Dorsal Friends is a non-profit organization that was formed to raise public and political awareness to the ecological damage caused by the practice of "finning" sharks, with the goal of outlawing the sale of shark fins and products in the United States, beginning with municipalities in California.

We are dedicated to protecting marine wildlife and the ocean through awareness, education, and by stimulating environmental activism.

Our mission is to end the destruction of marine wildlife, protect and restore ecosystems, and stimulate environmental activism while educating the general public on the consequences of unsustainable fishing practices.



Director, and founder of Dorsal Friends, Inc.
Dorsal Friends emerged naturally from the personal interests and past experiences of founder Erika Wunch. Erika has volunteered with a number of non-profits, including the PAW Project, the Imaging Foundation, APLA, and the Wildlife Waystation. Growing up in Huntington Beach, CA she has always been close to the ocean both physically and emotionally. Her love of the sea and animals, combined with her passion for SCUBA and photography naturally evolved into a desire to educate others on the current environmental status of the ocean as well as a dedication to inform the public on ways to help. Her fascination with sharks began in her early childhood and has since driven her to dive with them in places such as Fiji, Hawaii, Mexico, and most recently Cocos Island, Costa Rica. While recovering abandoned long lines and numerous hooks from these remote waters, she was made painfully aware of the wide spread destruction that humans continue to cause.
Witnessing this complete disregard of life and balance inspired her to take action and form Dorsal Friends with the purpose of educating, enlightening, and inspiring the public to ultimately change our attitudes and habits.
To contact Erika, email her at: erika@dorsalfriends.org


Videographer, Editor
Originally from Germany, Toby has lived and worked in places such as the Maldives, and Cocos Island, Costa Rica, and has traveled the globe on an adventurous tour in life. He is an accomplished underwater photographer and videographer and is a true Champion for sharks and the ocean in general. As a Dive Master he has been documenting the beauty of life under the sea for years, and is currently traveling in Europe.


Event Representative, East Coast
Kate Metzler is a life long New Englander currently residing in NYC. As an accomplished graphic artist and shark conservationist, she has volunteered for multiple non-profits and dedicated herself to environmental causes.
To contact Kate, send an email to: kate@whitemarlie.com


Graphic Artist, The Disc House
Jose Davila is a Los Angeles native, a life-long surfer, and an avid diver. His passion for ocean advocacy along with his talent as a graphic artist and video editor has made him an essential part of the Dorsal Friends team.
To contact Jose, send an email to: thedischouse@mac.com


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Venice, CA 90294

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